OPINION: #POTUS liable for ‘Criminal Gross Negligence’ of Child Migrants

His notorious temper tantrums constitute an erratic state of mind. One cannot help but wonder if Mr Trump spends quality time with his family and children, or for that matter, if he was a happy, well-adjusted kid of an immigrant mother and American father.

His #ZeroTolerance vehemence strongly suggests otherwise. He has crudely demonstrated he is not a Man of The People nor a family man at heart.

Mr Trump’s histrionic meltdowns prove he is incapable of reason and empathy. Case in point is his far from straightforward directions after signing the Executive Order on Wednesday 20th June ending family separation at the borders, leaving authorities and prosecutors floundering in their official capacity. Though for all intents and purposes the Zero-Tolerance Immigration Policy remains in effect. It seems the new order is far from unambiguous and officials have not been notably briefed on procedure of this changed but not changed policy.

Jeff Sessions “Keeper of the Flame”

Apparently, the only thing that changed from the original Zero-Tolerance Policy is the ending of migrant family separation. At some point, there was vague intimation that if there is more than one migrant adult in a family, only one, preferably a male, will be arrested for illegal entry into the US. Children and other family adults will be detained with the migrant offender of the misdemeanour offence that the #POTUS administration and the US Attorney General insist on prosecuting. Meaning for the time being the length of detention is anyone’s guess.

Another bone of contention is “Trump’s new order directs Jeff Sessions to find a way to amend the Flores settlement and detain families together indefinitely, essentially creating internment camps.”

The legal aspects are in limbo, and prosecutors are more than frustrated at the current state of affairs. They resolutely voice their opposition against the administration’s persistence to continue enforcing its policy “of prosecuting all misdemeanour offences of illegal entry, while serious crimes at the border will go unaddressed; our country will be less safe; and more money will need to be spent to pay for the additional law enforcement officers, jail guards, prosecutors, defence attorneys, and judges it will take to process these many defendants.” – Barbara McQuade, Professor from practice at the University of Michigan Law School and former US Attorney.

POTUS bill signing
Trump and Pence, two peas in a pod

As for the emotional and psychological trauma migrant children are enduring, it will cause a backlash of reprehensible consequences. Mental-health experts are very vocal of the probable life-long effects facing these children, who have become blameless victims of Human Rights abuse for which Trump is accountable.

Groups of paediatricians and mental-health experts have stated the following may well be serious irreversible repercussions caused by the trauma of separation from parents and families:

  • Detaining children and separating families can lead people to develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

  • Detention and family separation also raise the risk of anxiety and depression.

  • Keeping kids away from their parents can harm brain development.

  • The trauma of separation and detention raise risks of self-harm and suicidal ideation.

  • Research indicates that detention of families and asylum seekers will raise already high levels of psychological disturbance and psychopathology.

  • The effects of this significant trauma may ripple through to future generations.

“Regardless of what happens next, the trauma of the family separations that already happened will continue to affect kids and families.” – Kevin Loria, writer about health and science for Business Insider UK.















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