Did 13-year-old Laurel Griggs have a heart defect that was never diagnosed?

Since a post-mortem to the knowledge of the online public realm was not performed on Laurel before she was buried last Friday, three days after her death, the entirety of medical determination confirming cause of her sudden death will probably remain a mystery, at least publicly. In a way, it may be none of our business, but her family’s ubiquitously proclaimed cause of her death has been brought into question.

After reading numerous articles about the tragic death of an apparently full-of-life charming and lovely young girl, while concurrently researching severe to fatal asthma attacks and causes for cardiac deaths in children, the few ambiguous medical details provided by Laurel Griggs’ family about her sudden death are dubious. To be clear, there are several serious contradictions published in relation to Laurel’s cause of death.

It goes without saying that Laurel’s family are devastated and bereaved by her sudden death, that they’ve barely begun to grieve. I want to convey my sincerest condolences to the loss of their beautiful child.

One must also appreciate that mainstream media make mistakes in their reporting, and, at the same time, devastated families may get their facts confused.

Of course, the thought of an autopsy on one’s precious child would be unimaginably painful and traumatic, but in all honesty, as a parent myself, if there was any question as to my child’s sudden death that I was unable to prevent, I hope I would want to know WHY, WHAT and HOW!

According to all the headlines online, Laurel died a week ago today, Tuesday 5th November, and her obituary states that her funeral and burial followed three days later, on Friday 8th November.

For Judaism, this approximately 76-hour wait between death and burial was lengthy, as “traditionally a Jewish burial is supposed to take place within 24 hours of death. Even though today, outside of Orthodox communities, funerals rarely occur this quickly. However, the funeral should take place as soon as possible following the death. Burials never take place on the Sabbath or holidays.” Sabbath starting at nightfall on Fridays and ending at nightfall on Saturdays.

A few online articles between 10 & 11 November, i.e. Extra.ie, INQUISITR and People, reporting young Laurel Griggs’ sudden death, piggybacked off the New York Post, Page Six – 10 Nov 2019 article, which claims “Young Broadway actress Laurel Griggs suffered a fatal asthma attack.”

She said, ‘I don’t think I feel so good,’ which immediately set off all the alarms in my head,” her father, Andy Griggs, told The Post on Sunday. She would never normally say something like that.”

Laurel was born with asthma and took medication for the condition, her father told Page Six. The teen previously suffered a similar serious attack three years ago (of which there is not a single news report to be found online), and both of her parents closely monitored her afterwards, the dad said.”

All asthma information websites I consulted maintain that children with asthma, and depending on severity, may not be as energetic as children not suffering from this debilitating disease, and they might be sick more often. Hence, they will miss out on school days.

Overall it seemed that Laurel Griggs did not overtly display symptoms of asthma, because people, even friends, she knew and worked with, seem surprised and certainly shocked, if online comments are anything to go by.

Moreover, Laurel’s grandfather, David Rivlin, indicated in a LUXORR MEDIA STAFF article published yesterday, 11 Nov 2019, that “She took her medication every day and had some kind of machine for breathing if she needed it,” he said. “She didn’t miss any school. It’s just a destructive disease.”

According to the CNN report on 11 Nov 2019, “Young Broadway star Laurel Griggs has died from complications related to an asthma attack”, and “Laurel battled asthma for about two years, her father told CNN. Though she would seem fine for months at a time, her father said he constantly took her for medical check-ups.”

Last Tuesday, Griggs suffered an asthma attack and her family took her to Mount Sinai Hospital. Within two hours of the attack, Laurel went into CARDIAC ARREST and died.”

Referring back to the New York Post, Page Six article, “when her breathing Tuesday became laboured, her parents realized the teen was in urgent need of help.”

““My wife noticed that she was having trouble breathing, and she turned to me, and she said, ‘Andy, get her to the hospital right away,’” her father said.”

Ostensibly, “Cops tried to save the teen by performing CPR in a police vehicle (not an ambulance?) as they rushed her to Mount Sinai Hospital, but she died four hours later, authorities said.”

Apparently, the Griggs family lives in Manhattan, which is approximately an 8-9 minute or 1.6 miles drive from Mount Sinai Hospital,  which was “The Jews Hospital” opening its doors in 1855 and became non-sectarian in 1864, changing its name in 1866.

If you’ve read up to this point, you’ve observed there are inconsistencies reported in the above-mentioned articles covering young Laurel Griggs sudden death last Tuesday.

Though reportedly rare especially in children, severe asthma attacks can be fatal, and the death rate among children suffering with asthma is steadily rising, mainly due to lack of knowledge, awareness and precautions. On the other hand, laboured breathing may be a sign of possible chest pains leading to heart attack or cardiac arrest.

The specialist asthma and cardiac information conferred is not set in stone. Nothing pertaining to human biology can be unconditionally asserted or taken for granted.

So why is this young girl’s death bugging me? Maybe I’ve taken these contradictions out of context? After all, hundreds of thousands of precious children have been, and continue to be, slaughtered or starved in the Middle East, Asia and Africa, like Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and Palestine, in our names under the bloodthirsty greedy pretext of “War on Terror” and the agenda of an illegal apartheid state. Nameless forgotten children dumped into mass graves like so much trash, or left to rot after they’re murdered to be devoured by the local wildlife.

My problem is that Laurel Griggs lived, what many would consider, a privileged life, aside from the fact that she resided in the US, ‘land of the free and home of the brave’, which evidently is the world’s most superior country in most medical fields, as supposedly in every other academic discipline.

Her grandfather insisted that she “never missed school”, and there’s a sense that she did not have severe asthma, because it seems that a lot of people were not aware Laurel suffered from asthma.

I have specific problems with a few of Laurel’s father’s statements. Understandably, he is distraught, and maybe he’ll realise that either reporters misunderstood his statements or he was confused when interviewed.

In the meantime, having read these serious discrepancies regarding this young girl’s death, I am refuting them.

Most importantly, Laurel’s health problems contributing to her sudden death may have been misdiagnosed or were never diagnosed.

Her father told one paper Laurel was “born with asthma” and another she’s “battled asthma for about two years”. I have a problem with the huge difference between being born with a disease and struggling with it for 13 years than suddenly “battling” with it for two years, and, if so, how could she possibly have “suffered a similar serious attack three years ago”?

This time of year is especially hard for asthma sufferers, but Laurel was at home in the middle of doing her homework. Her sudden severe asthma attack could have been acute respiratory failure, though it would’ve been unusual in someone so young who was not physically active at the time, or a heart attack due to the strain on her heart if she had trouble breathing and was unable to get oxygen to her blood. Or she might have suddenly gone into cardiac arrest possibly due to a not diagnosed heart defect, congenital heart condition or heart disease.

Laurel’s father claims “he constantly took her for medical check-ups”. Surely, her paediatrician isn’t some backwater hillbilly practitioner who printed his medical licence off the internet.


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